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Current Tower Officers

Contact details

Role Name Telephone E-mail: replace (at) with the @ symbol Deals with
Tower Foreman Steve Smith 0118 979 4407 Foreman (at) * Tower management.
Deputy Foreman Jane Mellor 0118 979 2037  
Ringing Master Nigel Mellor  0118 979 2037   * Runs the ringing
Deputy Ringing Master Jon Tutcher 0118 973 3835    
Secretary Kristin Fitch  0118 978 0596 Secretary (at)  * Other enquiries
Treasurer Steve Smith 0118 979 4407  
Steeple Keeper John Harrison  0118 978 5520   *The hardware, Flag flying, Website, Tower tours, Talks, School projects

Tower Foreman – Steve Snith

Steve SmithSteve Smith started ringing in 1963 in Southampton, having originally heard the sound of church bells as a small boy drifting across the town of Keynsham, spelt K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M. He's a member of the Oxford University Society and joins in each year with their 'Golden Oldies' reunion tour. He's lived in Wokingham since 1983 and has been actively involved in the All Saints tower ever since. Mostly harmless.

 Deputy Foreman – Jane Mellor

Jane Melor Jane's bellringing is just in the blood. She was taught by her father Ian Thompson at All Saints Allesley in Coventry. She has been a bell ringer for 40 years. Not only does Jane's whole family ring but she has an ancestor back in the 1800s who was a bell ringer. When Jane left home to train she joined the Leeds University Society of Church Bellringers with whom she still meets up regularly for weekends of ringing and social events. Through this society she met Nigel (current Ringing Master at All Saints). Bellringing is a healthy hobby for Jane but she rings to welcome people to church to the Glory of God.

Ringing Master – Nigel Mellor

  Nigel MellorNigel has been a bellringer for over 35 years, having been trained by the choir master of St Mary's Church Scarborough. Singing and ringing have played a major part in his social life, and he was a member of All Saints choir for 5 years and before being formally elected a member of All Saints' Bellringers when his family moved to Wokingham in 1996. He served as Deputy Foreman from 2000  to 2002.

Deputy Ringing Master – Jon Tutcher

 Jon Tutcher Jon grew up in Somerset and learnt to ring in Ilminster (23cwt 8) in 1967 (ringing lots of Grandsire Triples and call changes!) He studied at London University where he rang for a couple of years as a ULSCR member. Jon moved to Wokingham in 1977 and started ringing with the All Saints band in 1980, becoming a member in 1981. He has previously held all tower offices: Foreman and Secretary (twice each) and Deputy Foreman and Steeple keeper.

Secretary – Kristin Fitch

Kristin FitchKristin grew up in Toledo, Ohio, making her an American transplant as well as a fairly new bellringer. She began ringing at All Saints in 2012.

Treasurer – Steve Smith

Steve SmithSee above.

  Steeple Keeper (looks after the hardware) – John Harrison 

John HarrisonJohn grew up in Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire where he learnt to ring in 1959. He was tower captain briefly before studying and ringing for three years in Cambridge. He married and moved to Wokingham in 1967. He has held most tower offices at All Saints, and is active in the wider world of ringing. He is a member of the Central Council of Church Bellringers, served on its Education Committee for 14 years (chairman for 8 years) and is currently a member of its Public Relations Committee (chairman for two years) and Biographies Committee (chairman since 2012). He is Chairman for Sonning Deanery ringers. He has run training courses locally & nationally and wrote a monthly column on training in The Ringing World, He has written many books for ringers, and two books for non-ringers – a general overview of ringing and a history of ringing in Wokingham . He received a Civic Award from the Mayor of Wokingham in 2006 for services to the community through bellringing.

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