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 My First Quarter Peal

 When I heard I was to ring my first quarter peal I had mixed feelings, mostly good, but I was also very nervous. What would happen if I went wrong, if I got so tired that I had to stop? I really wanted to perform well on the day and for it to all go well. My family told me I’d be fine but that’s what families say isn’t it? They will always say nice things and I can never imagine your family telling you that you will do badly but it was a nice boost of encouragement. The day came sooner than expected and I was very nervous. I rang the 3rd of the eight (6½ cwt), which is the Treble of the back six, to Grandsire Doubles. I got very tired at the beginning but I think that was mostly nerves; in the middle it was fine, as I put the thought of tiredness in the back of my mind and I got into the swing of the method. In the last 10 minutes I got quite worn out but I stuck to it and I completed it. It took 44 minutes and I did 1280 changes; I was so happy. I had a sense of accomplishment, and especially as my parents and sister were listening. I was very proud. All the fellow bell ringers were very encouraging and it made me less nervous. It means a lot to me now and I will remember it forever.

Mhairi Miller ( May 2007 )


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