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  Casting the new bells (July 2004)

The moulds contain hollow spaces of the correct shape for each bell (see how bells are made). Our four bells were cast at Whitechapel Bellfoundry  on 9th July 2004, along with one large one and one small one for elsewhere. Before the casting about 4 tons of bell metal had been melted in the furnace. It was carried (in two loads) in the large crucible and carefully poured into the top of each mould. After the pour, incendiary powder was added to reheat the metal in the neck and stop it solidifying before the body of the bell had done so. That is what causes the impressive flares.


Click each to enlarge and move between pictures using the arrows.

Before the cast
Pouring the Treble
Pouring the 2nd
Pouring the 2nd
Pouring the 6th
Flare after pouring
The Group from All Saints

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