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   Members of All Saints Wokingham Ringers

The list below is taken from sources including Sonning Deanery Branch records (1881 - 1968) minutes of tower AGMs from (1935 - 2005) and the Parish Magazine (1873 & 1889). Members were first mentioned in one of the year shown. Later married names, are added in (...) where known. A ? indicates uncertainty over detail. From 1963 new ringers were proposed one year and confirmed as full (hence Guild) members the next. They are underlined when first nominated and shown in [...] if they did not go forward .  A * indicates a member who left and then returned. This page was updated on: 26-January-2024  

Did you know any of these people?Do you know what subsequently happened to them? – If so, please contact us 

Year: First mention of:
1873 Henry George Bird (Curate who formed the Society of Honorary Change Ringers)
1880 Albert J Hill
1881 S Wynn, George Britten, William Cheeseman, Herbert Watts, Albert Jervis
1882 Joseph Attewell, H Jervis, J Pocock
1883 T Wynn, George Chandler, Charles Cozens, Frank Lunn, Alfred Watts, G (George) Brant, Samuel Paice
1884 Timothy Maidment
1885 FS (Frank) Mower, E (Edward) Paice, W Wilson
1886 W Loader
1887 Arthur Hosier (Hosler)
1889 James Frederick Mattingley, Arthur Jones, J (Jack) French, W (?Walter) Lush, F (?Frank snr) Lush, H (Henry) Sargeant
{These were among those listed in the parish, but not by the Branch until later}
1890 E Bedford
1892 H Marks
1895 F (Frank jun) Lush
1898 C (Charles) Huckings
1900 G (??George) Mattingley, G (George) Paice
1901 F (?Frank) Bacon, George Cole, W May, A Younger
1903 F (Frank?) Pontin, Reginald Pontin, Edgar (Eddie) Whittingham (*ton)
1904 William J (Bill) Paice
1905 A (??Arthur) Wiggins, Rev Bertram Long
1906 Arthur Price
1907 JA (James Alfred?) Aldridge, W (William) Jeynes, Samuel Frederick (T?) Paice jun
1909 F (Fred?) Brooks, W Rhodes
1910 HW (WH?) Boyles, E (Edward? Edwin??) Brant
1912 G (George?) Green, Norman Carson Lawrence
1914 William James (Bill) Brooks
1913 Albert Victor Loader
1915 G (George?) Loader
1918 EC Clarke, Miss E Fielder, Miss M Fielder, H Lovelock, Miss (Vera) Robinson, Miss AH (Alice) Walker
1923 N Buckle
1925 Walter J Pearce
1926 H (Harry Charles MA?) Ingle, F (Frank?) Nichols, E Ralph
1929 G (George) Ford, ?? Saban, T? (George) Wigmore, G (George Colin?) Wilson
1930 E (Ted) Langley
1933 Miss M (Mable) Brooks
1934 Miss A Baker, Miss G (Geraldine) Baker, Ernie (Harvey) Mitchell*, Rev AGG (Gilbert) Thurlow
1935 Miss (Joan) Blackman (Rance)
1936 Harry Dyer, Henry Cole, Mrs (P) Henderson
1938 Victor Bridges
1943 David Watson
1945 Gwen Crockford, Godfrey Moles, T (Tom) Langley, John Green, (L?) Lennard (‘Jack’) Woodason
1946 Mary Cole, Miss Jean Saunders
1947 J (Jimmy) Elliott, Walter (??1965?) Newton, F Butler
1948 Ernest Pearce, Jeannette Beaven (Bearen)
1949 Miss ES Barnard, Barbara Crockford (Newton), Pat (Patricia) Newport, John Perkins
1950 R L Grover
1951 Miss Ann E Taylor
1952 Miss Ann E Moles, Keith R Goddard, RG Brown, Miss L Langley, Miss GN (Gill) Glennie, Miss CE Phillips
1953 Ernie H (Harvey) Mitchell*
1954 Mr B Lawrence, Miss Gillian Piggott
1956 John Watts, Mr Michael J Lewis
1957 Mrs G Cozens, Miss Jane Huckings, Miss Furth, Miss Henderson, Miss Jane Kennett
1959 Frederick John (Jack) Palterman
1960 Miss Brant, Miss Ingram, Miss Muriel Longhurst, Mr Grist
1962 RH (Bob) Begrie, Keith Begrie, Miss Joan Salter
1963 Harvey Mitchell*, Mr Gerald Dance, David Boshier, Miss Lindy (Victoria) Hope
1965 Miss Sheila Cameron, Miss Stephanie Hope, Miss Victoria Tuder-Pole
1967 Mrs Judith Atkinson, WJH (Bill) Parker, Miss Shelia Smith, Miss S (Sarah) Hutt, Miss J (Jane) Saunders, Miss V (Veronica) Thatcher
1968 Mr W (Bill) Burkey, Mrs Chris Clark, Miss A (Ann?) Barfoot, Miss Judith Burkey (Cull)
1969 Miss Wendy Burkey, Mr W (Wynford) Clarke, Mr Wood, Mr Edgar Howitt, Mrs Winifred White
1970 Mrs J (Jo) Burkey, Mr David Deakins, Mrs H Deakins, Nicholas Cole
1971 Mrs (Nellie) Pearce, Mr John Elsworth, Mrs H Elsworth, Miss M Smith
1972 Francis J Moore, Mrs Audrey Moore, Miss Galagher
1973 Miss Heather Lamb Lamb, Mrs Lavinia Tildesley, Mr Barry J Creed, Mr Dennis Pearce, Stephen Skates
1973 Miss W Hastings
1974 David Elsworth
1975 Janet Clark
1977 Alison Moore (Barber), Lindsey Moore
1978 John A Harrison, David M Dewar, Evan Kozakiewicz*, Betty M Tomlinson, Simon J Tomlinson, Robert J (Bob) Chapman, Jane Chapman, Theresa A (Terry) Scott, Ruth Hosken, W Stewart Gibson, Pearl J Gibson*
1979 Pamela A (Pam) Vassie, John GP Scott, Martin Hosken, Sarah Chapman, Angela Chapman
1980 Francesca Shearcroft
1981 Jon P Tutcher, Clare Lovett, Helen Domm (Mahoney), Louise J Clements (Cole), Hilary A Moss (McPherson), Susan Bedborough, Alison McLaren, Martin Layley, Sheila M Williams
1982 Brianey Ilot, WM David Collis, Richard J Woodward
1983 Eve M Reader, Alex Nelson, Phillipa Moon, Helen Porter
1984 Rebecca Briault (Arcari), Barbara G Smith, Helen Layley, Alan Capper, Jonathan Johnson, John Reader, Anthony G (Tony) Pullan, Stephen R Smith 1
1985 Martin Mahoney, Steven J Field
1985 Stephen R Smith 2
1986 E John Wells
1987 Julie B Branson (Goodchild), Joanna Dyer, Rachel Longley, Sarah Mack, Linda M Williams, John A Harding, Richard WE Smith
1990 Jill Jones, Christine Roper, Andy Slay, Fiona J Harrison
1991 W Nigel G Herriott, Jenny M Herriott, Mike S James
1992 Clare Allison, Catie Smith, Mark Webb, Gary Webb
1993 Stephen J (Steve) Noyes, Jaqui Longley, Clare Amner, Alex Henson, Paul Arnold
1994 Helen Roper
1996 Teresa Proudlock, C Arthur Moss
1997 Charles WG Herriott, Jonathan P Goodchild, Jane A Mellor, Nigel AL Mellor
1998 Katie J Tutcher, Pauline Branson, Elizabeth J (Liz) Barter
2001 Evan Kozakiewicz *
2001 Andrew L (Andy) Smith
2002 Charlotte Kozakiewicz
2005 Mary Spence, Simon C Farrar
2006 Mhairi C Miller, Emily J Mellor
2007 Lucy Bricheno, Michael Johnson
2008 Ceila J Tinsley, Neil G Curnow
2009 Philippa H Mitchell, Rachel Leitch-Devlin
2010 Jack Stanford, Ian Taylor, Sian Haseldine
2011 Oliver James
2012 Susan James
2013 Kristin Fitch
2017 Katie Armitage
2017 Angela Lazda
2017 Andrew Eastwell
2017 Penka Kasarova
2017 Stephen C Bates
2019 Benji Bass
2020 Alison Jefferey
2020 Robin Johnson
2020 David Maynard
2020 Helen Maynard
2021 Pearl J Gibson*
2022 Julie Greenway
2023 Ben Eylott
2024 Peter Loring, James Moynihan, Jennifer Moynihan

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